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Reservation Flow お申し込みの流れ

1.Choose the tour

Choose the tour you would like to join from Tour Menu. Put the quantity, then click “Add to cart” button.
Please contact us at following number to expedite the proceedings. NPO Archipelago +81-87-813-1001

Tour Menuから参加をご希望のツアーを選択してください。参加人数を入力し『買い物かごに入れる』をクリックしてください。
お急ぎの場合はお電話でご連絡ください。 問)NPO法人アーキペラゴ087-813-1001


2.Reservation and membership registration

When you confirm the content in the Shopping Cart is correct, please put your information. If you apply for the membership, the process from second time becomes easier as there is no need to put your information again.
Please confirm the confirmation page, then complete the application when you find no fault. Upon receipt of the Reservation Confirmation email, the reservation is completed.



3.Payment confirmed and confirmation

When the reservation is completed, please proceed payment transaction by filling your credit card information. We will get back to you by email upon the confirmation of tour availability. At the time of receipt of the confirmation email, all necessary procedures are completed.
In case you receive no emails or you have questions, please let us know through phone call or email.
TEL: +81-87-813-1001 / Email: customer@archipelago-tour.jp

電話:087-813-1001 Email:customer@archipelago-tour.jp